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The HR Directors's Guide to Managing Mental Health at Work
Join Top Developmental Psychologist; Katie Woodland at this EXCLUSIVE live online event we'll cover how to safely identify, understand and manage mental illness in your workplace.
Wednesday 28th November @ 2 pm (GMT)
** if you register but are unable to join live you'll have access the replay until Midnight on Sunday **
Here's what past attendees have said about this webinar -
Emily; Senior HR Manager
"We've been raising awareness about mental illness in the workplace as part of our long-term well-being strategy for the past 5 years but were struggling to see any cultural shifts. I registered because I came across Katie's blog post on the 3 C's to managing mental health in the workplace and I am truly thankful I did. After the webinar I was able to sit down with my team and shift the focus of our strategy to one which would lead to positive changes in employee well-being."
Jonathan; HR Manager
"We're just in the process of planning our next well-being week when Katie's message came through LinkedIn. I thought it might give us some good ideas about what we can do and I was shocked to find out that most well-being programmes don't deliver the ROI ... 

All I can say is at least now we know why! It was really helpful knowing what we need to do step-by-step to manage employee mental health in work"
Margaret; HR Director
"Workplace mental health is something that has been on our agenda for the past 12 months and we've been actively trying to raise awareness and reduce the stigma but we're struggling to get those who needed the help and support involved.

It was really helpful to know why and what we can do in the organisation to help someone if they're struggling, in that moment, without relying on the previous default which was to send them home."
On this live session Katie will share with you; how to use the 3 C's to SUCCESSFULLY manage mental illness in your workplace, how to QUICKLY reduce the incidence of mental illness in your workplace, and even how to CONFIDENTLY identify employees struggling with mental illness before their symptoms become unmanageable!
Heck, I even show you how to develop clear step-by-step action plans for every employee so that all the line managers are working on the same page!

In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll cover on this incredible live online event:

* How absence poliies cause an unintentional spike in mental illness

* Why your employee assistance programme is not fit for purpose

* How one simple change to your office environment will significantly decrease the effects of depression

* Why the most commonly used reward/bonus structure isolates not motivates employees struggling with mental illness

* 3 commonly overlooked signs which idicate your employee is struggling with stress, depression and/or anxiety

* How one small adjustment to the working pattern can reduce the effects of mental illness in the workplace by 65%

* How a teaching hospital changed one thing and reduced stress by over 75% in just 30 days

* Why your employee being off work due to mental illness may be the most detrimental thing for them and you r organisation

* How to quickly repair fractured relationships between your line managers and their employees

* Why most wellbeing programmes do not do not deliver a return on investment, or return on value
... and much, MUCH More!

Don't miss this breakthrough live online event that will finally show you how to incorporate safe mental health practicess across your organisation so that all your employees maintain high levels of wellbeing, even if right now they're struggling to function.
REGISTER NOW To Find Out How You Can SAFELY Manage Mental Illness In Your Workplace, Without Relying On Overpriced & Underused Employee Assistance Programmes
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