The Female Entrepreneur Road Map To Health, Wealth & Happiness
... helping you flip the switch on your emotions so that you can quickly turn your business from a money pit into a money tree.
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Katie Woodland
Developmental Psychologist (MSc, BA, dip, MBPsS, SNHS) iTunes Podcaster & HuffPost UK Contributor
About Me
"I have a passion for helping determined entrepreneurs unshackle themselves from the throes of stress, depression & anxiety so that they can confidently create the life of their dreams by building the business they love.

I am a Developmental Psychologist meaning, unlike a coach or some random guy/gal who's thrown an internet-based business together, I spent a fair few years locked in a room combing through scientific research, working alongside experts in psychology and helping people who were at the end of the line find peace.

All of my past experiences and knowledge has helped me intimately understand how the brain works, why we do what we do and most importantly, how to hack, rewire & rebuild the brain so that you can get it to work for you not against you.

Over the past 4 years, I've helped thousands of people effortlessly change their lives for the better.

Isn't it about time you stopped doing things on your own and instead let someone else guide you so that you can finally be where you want to be?"

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